If you are a regular reader of our blog posts, you are familiar with our four-part series discussing how eating well does indeed affect your hearing health.

With many people making resolutions at the beginning of the year to improve themselves in some way, shape or form, we thought we could help others extend that desire further into the year.  Interestingly, the Statistic Brain Research Institute says that 45% of people usually make New Year’s resolutions.  For those who do, resolutions include #1 – Losing Weight, #5 – Staying Fit and Healthy and, #8 – Helping others in their Dreams.

Drawing on our desire to help others, we thought we would see if we can help by promoting healthy hearing with learning about and sharing healthy recipes for great tasting foods offered up by our readers!  The Research Institute says that 46% of people with New Year’s resolutions get past six months.  Forbes.com suggests that only eight percent of people meet their resolution goals.

So, in our quest to help people learn about and achieve better hearing health, we are requesting your recipes that we can share with everyone that will help in eating healthy for healthy hearing.  We thought a fun activity would be to challenge people to find or create recipes for delicious dishes that also are healthy and good for hearing health!

To recap, healthy recipes would include any of the following: potassium, folic acid, magnesium, and Vitamins B, C, D and/or E.  That is a wide range of foods so we thought we might want to break it down even further to include recipes for healthy drinks (non-alcoholic), breakfasts, lunch, dinners and snacks!  For reference, please go to the blogs that we posted on our website all linked below:

Eating Well Blog Series:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

We welcome personal stories of how people came to obtain these recipes, as well.  Everyone loves a good personal story that goes with a great dish that grandma made!

You can submit them to us through our email address: info@fauquierhearing.com.  We will take recipes over the next two months – through May 2016.  We will try your recipes and we will post the winners of our informal “best of” offerings on Facebook and here on our website.  Winners will get a gift for participating in this fun effort to share your creations!

We look forward to your input and great recipes for Eating for Healthy Hearing!

Thank you all in advance for participating in this fun endeavor!

Sincerely, the Staff at Fauquier Hearing Services