Ringing in the Ears – There Are Ways to Address It!

Did you know that there is one significant commonality that all people with tinnitus share? Tinnitus loudness can be measured in a controlled environment by a loudness matching procedure.

Even if you have tinnitus that doesn’t bother you, or if you have tinnitus that creates moderate to severe disruption of your daily life, the loudness of the tinnitus is between 2 and 20 decibels. This means that people react quite differently to very similar circumstances.

How can it be, then, that the same ringing in the ear is barely noticed, has moderate impact, or is severely debilitating? It’s all a matter of perception, and our perception is our reality.

Just as we all have different pain thresholds, we all perceive the internal sound of tinnitus differently. If you have tinnitus that affects your daily life, can you become one of those people with tinnitus that doesn’t bother them?

YES, you can. How? Contact the Tinnitus Practitioners Association to find a specialist who is highly trained in tinnitus management. There is a process that takes time and effort, but you CAN get to the other side of tinnitus so that it won’t have that disruptive, debilitating impact on your life.