I REALLY Want to Hear – But There’s So Many Choices I Don’t Know What To Do!

When first starting your better-hearing journey, you probably turned to the Internet for help, guidance, and advice. Instead you discovered an overwhelming amount of information and options. You’ve found your way to us, your partner in hearing care. But let’s first answer a common question – What’s the difference between a “cheaper,” “quicker” hearing solution (think online personal sound-amplification products (PSAPs) or the big-box store approach) and the choices offered at the audiologist’s office?

Consider This Important Fact: A hearing device is simply a piece of technology, but in the hands of an expert, it can be your key to a better way of life. Research on consumers indicates that nearly two-thirds of all hearing aids are improperly fit and programmed, leading to frustration and discarded devices. This is a complete waste of your hard-earned money – money you’ll no longer have when you need to re-invest to get better results.

Having a team of experienced professionals on hand to ensure your hearing aids are fit properly is essential to your hearing success — and here’s why:

Everyone’s Needs are Different! Your solution should be based on YOUR needs. How can your goals be met if they aren’t even identified during the initial fitting process?

Amplification Devices and Hearing Aids Are Not One-and-the-same – PSAPs only amplify sound; they don’t help your brain process sound. Those “cheap” amplifiers were created for recreational activities, increasing overall volume rather than adapting to your environment the way hearing aids do. If you have a true hearing loss, buying this technology may provide a temporary solution that can leave you frustrated, dissatisfied, and in the hole, anywhere from $150 to $800. The same money could have been put toward a solution that focuses on a long-term treatment partnership with support from professionals — like us!

Follow-up and long-term care are key – you want your investment to provide best hearing when/where you need it for years to come. Best hearing comes from having a team that understands your changing needs over time. This is the only way to continue to hear your best for the long-term. And last but not least…

Hearing is an important healthcare issue. It impacts you in many, many ways. Quick fix options can miss important problems that may need to be addressed by your physician. So a complete diagnostic test by an audiologist can ensure that any medical conditions are properly addressed.

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