Hearing Protection: It’s always a good idea — every time of the year.

On this blog, dear reader, you will constantly read various ramblings about hearing protection. Well, that’s because over time, unprotected eardrums will deteriorate at a very detectable pace. Some people can lose their hearing over time; inner ear hair cell function will deteriorate significantly if left unprotected. We want to be sure you and yours are knowledgeable about these matters; hence, our constant attention to this detail. Prevention can go a long way toward long-term protection for your hearing health care, which, in turn, plays a very prominent role in overall health.

Someone came to us recently and joked about the fact that the Baby Boomer generation is feeling the full effects of the loud rock ’n’ roll from the 1960s & 1970s. Well, the same holds true today, as much as it did then: protecting the ears during loud events or activities at work and/or play is always important. That, we know, will not change.

Of course, we are entering long-gun hunting season now. To all of the hunters out there: PROTECT YOUR HEARING! (We’ll yell it now in the blog so we won’t need to yell it to you later down the road, when you’re having difficulty hearing because of the loud bang of the rifle or shotgun.) We don’t need to get into the decibels of anything on this round of discussion. The fact is that a single shot can hurt your hearing. When hunting, you cannot escape the loud bang. It is inevitable — except for those who never fire a shot, of course. 

Please let us help you help yourself or others; give us a call at 540-724-0086 and let us fit you with custom hearing protection that will allow you to have the comfort of ear protection while still maintaining awareness of what is going on around you. It is important for hearing safety and for hunting safely.