Hear for the Holidays!

Every year, Fauquier Hearing Services has a “Hear for the Holidays” promotion to encourage people who have hearing loss to take the next steps and actually address that void. Why do we use the word ‘void,’ you might ask? Because hearing plays such an important role in our day-to-day lives, the Holiday Season is when many people get together with loved ones, old friends, attend parties and go to church services – all important activities that they should not miss because of hearing loss that CAN be addressed.

Life events, such as those that occur many times during the Holidays, are so important. It is such a great feeling when we have patients come to us and express their profound joy at being able to hear their granddaughter, for example, say their name for the first time. Or, when another patient said they could actually enjoy a conversation during a dinner party with several people DESPITE all of the background noise. Imagine what you and/or a loved one suffering from untreated hearing loss might be missing. It could be the crying of a newborn baby, the lovely Christmas carols being sung by a school choir, the meaningful message from the pulpit, or just the chattering and giggling of the kids excited while opening presents. Then, consider the alternative of doing something to address the void and being ABLE to hear all of that wonderment!

As an audiologist who has been practicing for more than 27 years – over 17 in Warrenton, Virginia – I have heard so many stories. For so many, they are missing the sounds of ordinary life, which is only partially heard and, worse, only partially understood. Knowing that family and friends gather to celebrate the Holiday season in a variety of ways, places and venues, it is important to us that we try to help as many people as possible be able to hear their best during the Holiday season and throughout the years to come. Memories are made all year, but many of the most special are made during the Holiday season.

Hearing brings us together in so many ways – discussions, laughter, and music (to name only a few)! Studies show that family and social relationships are directly related to joy and fulfillment in life, as well as overall health and well-being. Our personal connections keep us interested, motivated and fulfilled. Those connections help us enjoy life in the good times and support us through the troubled times.

Because hearing loss often occurs in a gradual way, it can seem like it is not even happening. For some, it may be directly related to loud noises over a long period of time, for others it could just be from aging or even genetics. Older adults who do not treat hearing loss are particularly susceptible to a variety of issues that include depression, anxiety, and less social activity – all of which have their own ramifications that lead to not enjoying life to its fullest. Moreover, the connection of hearing loss and the early onset of dementia and social isolation is now well documented through medical research.

There is good news, however! Hearing loss in most cases CAN BE TREATED! And, it can be treated very successfully. The technologies available today outshine those that were state-of-the-art just four years ago. It is amazing what can be done with our hearing treatment plans – at every level. Addressing hearing loss now can bring back the sounds of the holidays as well as restoring a sense of peace and well-being. As we are in the holiday season, and preparing for the New Year, give yourself or a loved one the gift of better hearing!

We are ready to serve you. If you want to take the next steps, please call us at 540-724-0086 and schedule an appointment. Our goal is to get people hearing their best for the holidays and beyond so they can enjoy every moment of what life has to offer. Better hearing equates to better living! Celebrate it!

Dr. Markva received her undergraduate degree and graduate degree in Audiology from James Madison University – Harrisonburg, Virginia. She earned her doctoral degree in Audiology from University of Florida – Gainesville. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, a Member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, a Member of the American Tinnitus Association, a Certified Associate of the Tinnitus Practitioners Association for tinnitus care, and is a Member of both the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce and the Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Markva has been providing services to Virginians since 1989 and opened Fauquier Hearing Services in 1999.