Has your doctor told you that nothing can be done for tinnitus? Well, that’s not true!

There IS help for people who have tinnitus, a ringing in the ear(s) that can be very frustrating and debilitating to those who experience it.

Being told by a medical doctor or even an audiologist that there is nothing that can be done can be disheartening to people seeking help. Unfortunately, this happens all too often and is incorrect; there certainly are best practices for tinnitus management.

So how do you find the help you need in addressing that frustrating, constant buzzing or ringing in the ear? Look for an audiologist/specialist trained by the Tinnitus Practitioners Association. Here you will find tinnitus specialists who have received extensive training in the underlying physiology of tinnitus AND best practices to alleviate the impact of tinnitus in your life.

This is not an exaggerated approach to dealing with this issue. It involves no costly pills. It is a tested, tried, and true set of protocols for tinnitus management. Don’t accept from anyone that nothing can be done to address tinnitus.