A common concern we hear among individuals with hearing loss is that they have difficulty hearing on the telephone. Telephones can be hard to hear on because they can be too soft, speech can become distorted, and the listener may not be able to read lips or body language to aid in understanding the message.

CaptionCall is a personal, captioned telephone that displays typed captions of the conversation. In addition to writing out the message on a large touch-screen, the CaptionCall is an amplified phone. The CaptionCall phone is free to anyone with hearing loss and who has difficulty communicating on the phone. Your hearing care provider can provide you with a professional certification in order to receive the telephone free of cost. In order for CaptionCall to work, you must have a telephone landline and a high-speed Internet connection. A representative from CaptionCall will come out and install the phone in your home. There are no monthly charges or any increase in your current Internet/phone bill.

CaptionCall is free due to a fund established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which gives individuals with hearing loss free access to a captioned telephone for personal use. The FCC provides the free captioning service and CaptionCall provides the actual phone.

There are a lot of features to the CaptionCall phone that allow you to communicate efficiently and easily.

  • The seven-inch screen allows for adjustable text size so you can easily read every word of the call.
  • The phone can be set up either wirelessly or wired.
  • The touch screen allows you to save your contacts so a phone call can be made easily with just one touch.
  • Phone conversations can be saved so you can go back and review previous calls.
  • Both the ringer and handset volume can be adjusted by changing the volume and/or pitch.
  • The phone is capable of connection via telecoil in hearing aids.

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