Find Audigy Certified Providers Near You: If you’re traveling and have a problem with your hearing technology, need batteries, or need to schedule a cleaning, you can find other Audigy certified professionals near you that will be committed to providing you with the same level of excellence and service you’re use to receiving at Hearing Solution Centers. What separates AGX Hearing technology from every other hearing aid brand out there? The professionals who fit it. AGX is the exclusive brand owned and fit by North America’s largest group of independent, locally owned hearing care practices, united by a single goal: helping you achieve and sustain a life with better hearing. was created to help people understand, treat, and find the right provider for their unique type of hearing loss.
Audigy Group: Audigy Group was founded to assist independent hearing care providers in preserving their local hearing care practices from being pushed out or taken over by corporate franchises, as well as to perfect and promote a more consistent, personalized, and effective approach to hearing care through the AGX Hearing 4-Step Process.

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