Regrowing Sound-Sensing Cells Might Be the Future — But How Can You Help Your Hearing Today?

Hearing is a delicate dance between your ears and your brain. This dance isn’t possible without hair cells, which transmit sound signals to your brain to be interpreted as sound. If these cells are damaged, you begin to lose hearing, and these cells can’t be replaced. However, the authors of a recent article in the […]

Surprising Foods That Maintain Hearing Health

The old adage “The best defense is a good offense” doesn’t just apply to games and sports — it’s true of your hearing health as well. Much benefit can be derived from good defensive strategies to protect your hearing, but why not take the offensive and use nutrition to ensure your ears are as healthy […]

A New Study Finds That Chronic Tinnitus Keeps Your Brain From Resting

An Elusive Subject Tinnitus has proven to be particularly hard for the medical community to study. It can’t be measured like blood pressure or eyesight, and results from study to study are inconsistent because of the variability of patients’ experiences — the type of sound, which ears are affected, whether it’s debilitating, the duration, even […]

Holiday Hearing Activities for the Whole Family

This time of year is about giving thanks, celebrating, and making memories. Create new traditions with these easy, fun, and festive activities focused on the different ways we communicate. Give Thanks: Coloring-Book Tablecloth From thoughtful gifts to kind gestures to sharing a meal, there are plenty of ways to show loved ones you care. This […]

From Festivities to Feasts: 6 Tips to Hear Your Best at Parties and Dinners

There are countless ways for you to hear your best this holiday and endless events to practice at. When you find out what works best for you, you’re giving yourself the greatest gift of all: connection. Check out our six tips and tricks below to get started. AROUND THE TABLE Food is a big part […]

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