Holiday Hearing Activities for the Whole Family

This time of year is about giving thanks, celebrating, and making memories. Create new traditions with these easy, fun, and festive activities focused on the different ways we communicate. Give Thanks: Coloring-Book Tablecloth From thoughtful gifts to kind gestures to sharing a meal, there are plenty of ways to show loved ones you care. This […]

From Festivities to Feasts: 6 Tips to Hear Your Best at Parties and Dinners

There are countless ways for you to hear your best this holiday and endless events to practice at. When you find out what works best for you, you’re giving yourself the greatest gift of all: connection. Check out our six tips and tricks below to get started. AROUND THE TABLE Food is a big part […]

Are You Making the Most of Your Hearing Benefits?

It’s all too easy to get sidetracked from your health care while preparing for and celebrating the holidays — Halloween hits, and already you’re confirming December flight plans — so we want to remind you to take advantage of unused insurance benefits before the year ends. As we approach the end of 2017, we recommend […]

Unhappy With Your Hearing Aids?

Are your hearing aids not working like you hoped? Do you experience whistling, feedback, or discomfort with your aids? Are you unsure of how to care for your technology? We can help! No matter where you got your technology, we will work with you to ensure you’re happy. Below we highlight the difference having a […]

6 Tips For A Comfortable Flight

Your Ears and Altitude You’re cruising at 39,000 feet, seat reclined, in-flight movie rolling along, when the pilot announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re beginning our descent. Please put your seats and tray tables in the upright position, and prepare for landing.” Soon your ears are feeling full, you can’t hear, and the flight can’t end […]

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