Taking On Tinnitus: Hope for the Future, Solutions Today

Tinnitus — that buzzing, ringing, whistling, or clicking in the ear that no one else seems to hear — might not yet be curable, but science isn’t taking that lying down! With some 50 million Americans alone and others worldwide experiencing this sometimes-debilitating condition, researchers are determined to uncover its secrets and find new ways […]

From Grilling to Graduation: Tips for Hearing Well With Friends and Family

You watch the road while listening to music in the car. You listen to your cousin’s crazy stories while playing board games with nieces and nephews. You’re a pro at listening while your eyes are focused on something else, right? Not so, according to a recent study in Scientific Reports, which found that not looking […]

Unique Sounds of Country Living Can Harm Your Hearing

Now that spring is here and you’re spending more time enjoying the outdoors and other recreational activities, ensure these sources of rural noise pollution don’t damage your hearing health.   Farm Equipment It’s no secret that tractors and plows are noisy, but did you know the sounds they produce are loud enough to damage your […]

Regrowing Sound-Sensing Cells Might Be the Future — But How Can You Help Your Hearing Today?

Hearing is a delicate dance between your ears and your brain. This dance isn’t possible without hair cells, which transmit sound signals to your brain to be interpreted as sound. If these cells are damaged, you begin to lose hearing, and these cells can’t be replaced. However, the authors of a recent article in the […]

Surprising Foods That Maintain Hearing Health

The old adage “The best defense is a good offense” doesn’t just apply to games and sports — it’s true of your hearing health as well. Much benefit can be derived from good defensive strategies to protect your hearing, but why not take the offensive and use nutrition to ensure your ears are as healthy […]

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